About David Anglin Photography

David grew up in Oklahoma and spent many days outdoors hiking, hunting, riding horses and working on a cattle ranch.  He loved nature and felt a special connection to animals and wildlife.  David started his journey with photography in college when he purchased his first film SLR.  He developed his skills photographing friends, family, wildlife and landscapes.  Being mechanically oriented, David was quick to develop technical skills and form a foundation for his lifelong fascination with photography.

David married his wife Sherry in 1982 and, though they were both busy developing their core careers, he still found time for photography and continued to refine his skills.  David was an early adopter of digital technology and recognized the advantages in flexibility, creativity, and workflow offered by the new generation of cameras.  While David still found time to capture new images, his success as a C level corporate executive did not provide time to share and publish his work. 

David and Sherry work as a team on photography trips and share a passion for nature and wildlife.  They have traveled to many National Parks, Africa, Canada, and other inspiring locations around the world.  Trips planned for 2017 include Africa, YNP (Fall), SMNP, and Canada for white wolves.  David has alwasy been facinated by aircraft and plans to photograph two air Shows in 2017.      

David retired in 2013 and is now focused on building a new portfolio and sharing his photographs.  His work is sold through referrals from others who enjoy and appreciate his unique skills and, through this website.   

David received his BS and MBA from Oral Roberts University.  His corporate career included executive level positions in technology, operations, M&A, and corporate transitions.  He is a strong supporter of the community and provides support to non-profit organizations including Epilepsy Foundation and Yellowstone Park Foundation.  The most amazing fact about David as a photographer is that he is technically blind since birth with 0 vision in his left eye and 20/200 best correction in the right.